Why Happy Lemons Look Gorgeous On Eco-Kids

Our new Happy Lemons eco-kids clothing collection is designed for childhood.

A childhood of exploration, adventure, creativity, and comfort. A time to feel cosy with the family while experiencing the daily wonders of life.

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Bright sunshine-yellow and bursting with flavor, lemons bring to mind calm, sun-dappled days of play and picnics.

The original hand-drawn lemon prints echo the joyful expression of kids who make art and explore their world.

These beautiful pieces invite kids outside, where they are free to move in comfort with well-fitting and thoughtfully designed clothes.

Happy Lemons is made of the highest quality, ethically sourced organic cotton. The simple designs of fanciful lemons draw the eye, while the fabric provides the ultimate in comfort to the touch.

Taking care of our Earth and our children as one, we are committed to sustainable practices that foster health for all. There are no chemicals used in the production of our clothing, so you can feel confident that even those with the most sensitive skin, or conditions such as excema, will feel their best when wearing Happy Lemons.

We invite you to explore the Happy Lemons collection. Feel the calming warmth of beautiful Scandinavian design and organic cotton clothing. Eco-kids will delight in the freedom of clothing that feels as good as it looks!

Wrap your child in your arms to feel cosy together!!


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