We pay a visit to Burro e Salvia, London SE22


Women have always played a central role as the heart of  Italian families, homes and kitchens, and that's exactly how it is at the pastificio Burro e Salvia. The Sfogline - the women that make pasta - are to thank for all the handmade pasta that is freshly prepared every day at this bustling pastificio. Gaia, Silvia, Sara, Francesca,Serena, Valentina can be found at the pasta station chatting away as they prepare the day's offering. The Pasta is made with only the finest Durum and Semolina flours and egg whites. Fresh carrots, celery, onions, and tomatoes are peeled and hand cut by the chefs in the kitchen downstairs, for sauces that accompany the Pasta made by the women.  

Fresh pasta speaks of passion and creativity, tradition and nostalgia, generosity and pride - quintessentially Italian values that have spanned generations and that everyone in the Burro e Salvia team shares. It starts with authentic family recipes, and the team, who stems from all over Italy, have been passed these recipes down from generation to generation. Each area of Italy has its own specialities, and the team are passionate about sharing these dishes with the customers. 


This Autumn, the team of Sfogline are teaching the public the tricks of the trade of fresh pasta-making. It is a fun and very rewarding experience, and workshops can be booked on the restaurant's website. Workshops will run for up to 6 people, and last 1.5 hours. Finally, your very own pasta can be cooked and enjoyed onsite.  Perhaps a fun and different way of doing a dinnerparty!

Starting October 2015, Burro e Salvia is supporting Action Against Hunger and their Love Food Give Food Campaign, which means a voluntary £1 will be added to your bill. These funds will help a malnourished child who really needs to eat today, so your meal out could help save a life. 

Lovingly hand made fresh pasta, one of Italy's most traditional artisanal trades, why not visit now:)

52 Redchurch Street
London E2 7DP
tel 020 77394429

151 Lordship Lane
London SE22 8HX
tel 020 86930331